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Featured Book Review: Dragon Skin by Karen Foxlee

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

It didn’t look like much at first, a scrap of something, fabric maybe, snakeskin twisted around a stick perhaps, but that last wave of light caught it directly, shone it up bright, a burst of pinks and golds and greens, a small fire. Then was gone.

Level: Middle Fiction

Genre: Contemporary/Fantasy

Score: 5/5

Dragon Skin is a story I know will stay with me for a long time. Set in sunny Mount Isa, Queensland, the book follows Pip, a young girl who never wants to go home. Her mother is different since her boyfriend, Matt, moved in, and Pip is left to deal with her struggles on her own after losing the best friend she ever had.

When she finds a strange creature by the creek, Pip’s life takes on new meaning; now all that matters is saving this little fella.

I love Pip as a main character. She faces challenges with so much bravery, and her voice adds such heart to the story. Foxlee’s writing style is assured but whimsy, never shying away from serious themes or tough emotions that all humans feel, no matter their age. The stunning descriptions of the setting give this story a magical quality, despite it reading more like contemporary fiction than fantasy.

This book is perfect for contemporary readers who want to dip into fantasy, or fantasy readers who want to dip into contemporary. It is suitable for anyone aged 10 or older, including adults. If you’re looking for a book to make you smile, cry, and hold your breath, then this might be your perfect next read.

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